Final Fantasy XV was superb.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XV (Digital Premium Edition) PS4

Features as well as the music and the storyline that FFXV offered were outstanding. We are easily able to explore the world to the greatest while we pursue the ultimate quest of this game.

Going back in time, driving a car at your own will, tuning the car to your liking, trying out new weapons, riding a Chocobo, listening to your portable MP3 player as you walk or ride a Chocobo around, deciding whether to engage in a fight with monsters or not, being able to heal while engaged in a fight by resting behind an obstruction or hanging off a tall structure, and selecting what meal to eat every time you set up camp are some of the great features that makes this game so superb. They are like glue where this combination accompany each other so well.

On top of that, the graphics and details put into the landscape and monster designs are breath-taking. They are worth taking screenshots of over and over again. And Prompto, one of Noctis' companions, is always there to take photos of these wondrous places and record your incredible journey on film.

The soundtrack of this game is really beautiful and brings out all kinds of emotion in you whilst playing the game. They fit this sombre but yet warm game really well. It gives the game more worth and brings it to life to its fullest.

The storyline is a unique and good one too. It is what begins this whole journey from Lucis to Altissia and to Tenebrae. We get to see various lands, where some are as beautiful and as natural as they can be while some are destructed by unfortunate events. We get to meet various characters along the way that play a big part in the story and figure out the truth behind everything that had been happening in this journey.

FFXV offered a vast amount of features accompanied by great music and plot, deserving a high rating of 10. It is set in a fantasy world filled with lots of realistic features which is especially cool.