FFXIII is the worst game ever.

User Rating: 5.5 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
In the beginning you play Lightning. She is an Ex-SOLDIER and your first mission begins after the train. This is a copy from FFVII train and Lightning, a clone from Cloud. After the sequence, the battle begins. The battle is too weak, unrealistic, no gravity and they are jumping like paper Mario. FFXII battle is still the best in FF series. After the battle, it goes like this: sequence, run, battle, sequence, battle, run, sequence, battle and so on. FFXIII has no freedom, but FFXII has full of freedom. This game is extrem linear. You only go straight forward. You don't need Bradygames. You can't change characters. You can only change it, if you are in 27-30 hours. There is no quest, no adventure, it feels like a movie. There is a town, but only for 10-15 minutes. No real shop, no airship, no world map etc. The characters are so lame, boring and annoying Asian behaviors in FFXIII. The story is really boring. FFXIII story is like the Soap Opera. The musis is the worst. When I wanted to hear loud music, the problem is that the music sound is low and the characters/enemies sounds are so noisy. So, I must turn the volume down.

Overall: From the beginning until the ending was the worst.