What happened Square?

User Rating: 6.5 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
Ahhh, Final Fantasy XIII. The trailers were amazing, and I expected great things out of this. I expected the best in the series, and what I got was an overrated, beautiful yet boring game.

I got this game for my birthday. I was excited, haha. When I first started playing it, it was awesome. The graphics were wonderful, and the gameplay, at first I thought, was pretty neat. But the more I played...the more I realized just how repetitive it was. The farther I got, the more I realized I was barely controlling anything. You have 3 people in a party, but you only control 1 of them, and the AI controls the other 2. You indirectly control the other 2 with "Paradigms" which selects a certain job for each. As I battled, I realized that almost all the time I was hitting "Auto-" so the AI chose what to use. So basically, I was WATCHING the game play itself. I was barely controlling anything! There is the option to choose the skills you use yourself, but half the time the AI KNOWS what you're gonna choose, AND there is very little time to choose what you want, so it's easier to hit "Auto" then select each individual skill yourself.

The farther I got into it, the more bored I became. The storyline kept me going for a while, but eventually the battling wore me down. It got to the point I shut off my PS3, and went outside.

All in all, the music was good, the graphics were amazing, but graphics cannot excuse bad gameplay. 13 truly is an unlucky number.

Hopefully Square will learn from this mistake. It was a nice attempt at something new, but it failed.