How did this game get such a high rating?! Someone please tell me...

User Rating: 2.5 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
I have read many of the reviews this game has recieved, the good and the bad. I swear though, I am surprised anyone can tolerate this load of garbage posing as a Final Fantasy game.

Heck it doesn't even stack up to be a real game of any kind!

It's a 40hr long movie that you gotta keep pressing the play button to continue, and a bad one at that. Many people are divided on the story telling, and I think its because the majority of people who play games don't know what quality is. The new generation of gamers thinks pretty graphics are enough to make it worth while playing, and I believe some people forget how bad everything else is. Want proof? Check some of the higher rated reviews, I have seen reviews that rag on every element of this game, then comment how great the graphics are and give it a 8.0 rating, are you f&#@ing serious bro?

The characters are so dull, and some are so damn annoying (looking at you Hope/Snow). The battle system is so cluttered with useless battle reports and star ratings and all this other garbage that just slows the pace of the game to a near halt. Although, it wouldn't have been to bad if this game wasn't a 40hr long walk down a hallway.

I believe that alot of people forgot what makes a final fantasy game. To me, my favourite part was always the exploration of towns, dungeons and anywhere that suits my fancy. None of that exists here. What also makes a Final Fantasy game are the side-quests, which you only get this garbage monster hunting quest AT THE NEAR END OF THE GAME!

I found this game so hard to play to start with, but I kept playing in hopes that things would get better, do I need to tell you more?

I give it 2.5 only because it "looks pretty"