Classic MMO, Not a hand out like the moderns.

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy XI PC
I've played this game since 2004, I quit 2 years ago for personal reasons, though I enjoyed my entire time on it. By the time I quit I had Dark Knight75, Ranger 75, Ninja75, and Blue Mage 75, unlike every other "popular MMO(not going to name..)" where the goal is to get to the max level then you "experience the game"; this game starts your experience right from the time you hit create, it starts with an immaculate story where you are the protagonist and makes you feel important where it makes you feel like you're in a classic Final Fantasy and you create your own story as you go along, making friends to join your "party" and continue the story and attempt to solve the mystery behind the series of events that is unfolded before you. The average player picks this game up and thinks "how can I compare this to other MMO's that i've played, what cool gear can I raid for and gank noobs with" and that simply isn't the point of this game. when MMO's started out...with ultima online, everquest and this. They were about story and making friends and enjoying the beautiful scenery and friendly community, it makes me sad to see that every new MMO coming out is just flashing "GET TO CAP, GANK SOME NOOBS AND MAKE NO FRIENDS ON YOUR WAY THERE AND GET LAUGHED AT FOR BEING A NOOB CUZ YOU DON'T PLAY 80 HOURS A WEEK!" If you're looking for a game, i'll come out and say it, that is like WoW, then play it, the game is original for it's time and is very successful, but don't compare it to an MMO that is obviously not in the same genre. Stop trying to find a game that is like it and just play it, don't look for something original and then complain that it's not what you were looking for.