A PS2 classic and its solid sequel get excellent HD updates

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster PS3

There are two groups of people who will get mileage out of this bundling of a PS2 classic and its very solid sequel: people who loved FFX and want to see the remastered graphics and soundtrack (as well as a bunch of new features from the international versions that were never released in the US) or people who have never played these games and love Japanese style RPG's. Whether you are in the former or latter category, for 40 bucks this is absolutely worth it. The remastered graphics look outstanding (although a feature to skip cutscenes would have been nice) even if the stiff animations look a little awkward at times. The developers did add a few extra facial expressions which are nice. The remastered soundtrack for FFX sounds great in spots and not so much in others, but it keeps the spirit of the original recordings. The voice work is hit and miss like it was in the original releases, but impressive nonetheless for being the first game in the series to feature voicework. The excellent battle systems are still very fun to play and some of the best turn-based RPG battle systems you can find. The story in FFX is also one of the very best I have ever played, although X-2 is definitely not known for its story and infamous for its complete change in styles (although it remains enjoyable thanks to the fun battle system and soundtrack). Overall, these HD remasters are excellent ways to experience these games for newcomers or experienced players.