Cool game the best in the series !! :D

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2
Ok i have buyed FFXII and i have played it and .... i have returned to my love FFx-2 :D its the best in series theres funny things and sad things so this game its for evryone well maybe someone not like girlz or whatever dont like funny things but i love this game this is the best game ever !! i play it above 200 hours :)evryone must buy it and play for yourself :P someone will say: maan you suck this game is a bulls$%t ...
- no no sir this is the best game ever created you can ride chocobo :D and train them/catch etc. this is so cool and hot xD
theres a lot of dresspheres where you can change your style :)
and theres a lot of mini games like:
sphere break (coins !! xD)
blitzball ;) yeeey and ehh ... chocobos ;) (try yourslef)
well what should i say for this game .... COOL BUY IT, PLAY IT and its not waste f money/time REALLY !!!