A dissapointing sequel to a great game.

User Rating: 7.1 | Final Fantasy X-2 PS2
Final Fantasy X was an amazing a game. On the other hand Final Fantasy X-2 the sequel to X was very dissapointing. Final fantasy X-2 seems like a joke to X. X-2 has some pros but it mainly has cons.

Gameplay- One of the highlights of the game. You can switch each characters class such as gunner, mage warrior, and etc... The battle system is more fast pace and is fun. This game lacks characters though. Their are only 3 characters. 9/10

Graphics- Good graphics and an improvement from FFX graphics. This game also includes FMVS (Cutscenes)10/10

Sound- Some nice battle music but when yuna sings it gets a bit korny if your a guy. 8/10

Value- This game storyline seems a bit ridiculous compared to FFX, the storyline wasn't well put, and this game make yuna seem like a bimbo. This is one of the dissapointing FFs that I suggest you don't buy unless your a hardcore FF fan. I suggest FF10 or any other FF except FF crystal chronicles and this one.