Can still be considered the greatest Console Role Playing Game of all time. A groundbreaking and epic journey.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
While Final Fantasy was a relativly popular series with its NES and SNES installments, it hit the hall of fame with Final Fantasy VII. This is deffinetly a personal favourite. Not just becouse I fell inlove with it in my childhood and adolecence and it was the first ever Console RPG (other than Pokemon Blue) I had ever played; but because it truly was the most advanced role-playing game for it's time. The creators trully pushed the bounderies on this game.

Visuals- In the year 1997 the graphics were absolutly stunning. The eerie cute anime deformities of the characters were intentional. The pre-rendered backgrounds and environments looked very impressive. The blend of CGI sequences and real time gameplay was very impressive and on an epic scale. Final Fantasy could not have looked like the blockbuster hit it was if it were not on the PSone. 10/10

Story- The story and size of the game is the best that any console at the time had to offer. The game was expanded on 3 whole CD-rom discs. The story starts off relatativly simple but exciting. The main character is a new guy, who is part of revolution and terrorist group called AVALANCHE. Soon the player gets seperated from his/her friends and eventually make new ones as you try to escape the gigantic city of MIDGAR. The story eventually gets very complex and expands in such an epic scale. The relationship between the protogonist 'Cloud' and the antagonist 'Sephiroth' forshadows a climatic showdown. Science and fantasy trully collide and the game touches on concerns of environment, war, bio-genetics, ancient civilisations, alien beings, powerful organisations and the human condition. Without spoiling anything, this has one of the greatest epic stories a videogame has to offer. Thats even comparing it to today's standards! 10/10

Gameplay- Ontop of FF7's standard active time battle system and the exploration of an entire world when you gain access to your airship there were many new gameplay elements that make this game unique.
Upgrading elements such as the customisation of materia on characters can be a rewarding way to turn your weak characters into 'super heroes'! Materia is the most important gameplay element in the game. Materia is encased mako energy shaped like a sphere. Different materia can give your characters powers such as special abilities and spells in battle. Vast and strange mini quests allow you to have fun outside the main story if you wish to have a break from all the tension (trying to date Yuffie and Barret instead of Tifa or Aeries/Aerith for example). Obtaining the characters Ultimate Weapons and Limit Breaks, playing arcade games in the theme park 'Golden Saucer' and collecting enemy skills and other powerful but optional materia is time consuming but fun. There is so much to do in FF7!

The Music- There is no voice acting, and you will have to read from speach bubbles; the music in FF7 is what really makes it stand out in comparison to the others. Perhaps its overwealming nostalgia but the themes and scores in this game are timeless, they will never leave my head.

Final Fantasy VII brought RPG's to the general and casual market. It's gameplay elements and addictive adventure are testament to its legacy. There is no greater example than this game when it comes to Console/Light Role Playing Games. One of greatest games I have ever played! Hands down!