In a word: 'Revolutionary'.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
Final Fantasy VII is called the greatest Final Fantasy game and one of the best in the world. I completely agree. This game's story, graphics (for its time), gameplay and sound are some of the best ever to grace a console.

Let me start with the story. I will only just say the layer of the story but not explain it, the story is too good and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. The name of the character in this game s Cloud Strife and his friends and the total number of characters are 9 although 2 are optional to get. The story is about Cloud, who was a member of the group called Soldier who joined a group called Avalanche and he has friends from Avalanche are in a quest to save the world and if you look at it that way it doesn't sound too amazing but when you see the whole story you will realise it is one of the best you have ever seen and ever will see because these type of stories don't just come every time. The villain in this game is awesome and I will at least say his name, Sephiroth and there is one scene that he will do one of the most touching things and dramatic things I have ever seen in any RPG or any game, and this scene is so touching that you may even cry if you are not strong enough to bear it but I will not say what happens but just know it happens to a person called Aeris is killed. It is even known as one of the most shocking moments in video games. All in all the story is fantastic and never before seen during its time and even now.

Now onto the graphics, the graphics are amazing for its time. They were the best when this game was released and the CG cutscenes which had never been seen in a video game were inspiring and very beautiful. In battle the graphics are in full 3D, in cities and world map the characters are in 3D but the backgrounds are pre-rendered and it works very well llike this. Very great graphics and the CG cutscenes even make it better.

The gameplay is very nice. It uses the 'Active Time Battle' System introduced first in FF IV and this works fantastically. The bosses are quite hard in this game and you usually have to level up alot and grind alot to get past these bosses. The battles come in random like most RPGs, and although this can get annoying and frustrating it really helps you level up more easily and it gives the game a challenge. You can also buy Materia which you use to cast magic and sometimes even summon monsters. The magics in this game look dazzling and the monsters too. The artists and designers really did a great job with them. The gameplay is great but it wasn't the first to do it but it was the first in 3D to do it and the Materia is a great addition. You should also buy alot of potions and antidotes if you want to survive and save any time you see a save spot and always have a tent with you and sleep in Inns before you leave the city because the worlds are big and the random battles even make it harder and most quests could take a while to finish. The side-quests are many and so are the mini-games, the best of all is the Chocobo Race, this is very fun and easy to play.

The sound is one of the best aspects, infact the second best, the music is great and so are the effects in the game. Nobuo Uematsu did a great job with the soundtrack, well done.

The game is a very good game and revolutionary and one of the best ever made. The story is the best part and the game is very lenghty too with at least 40 hours of gameplay and if side-quests and all weapons and armour are gotten, it could takeup to 70-80 hours and this means ou can't finish it in one sit in. You will still come back again and again just to see the scenes, see story, hear the music and fight enemies because the game is so good that you will even still be playing it after you've even finished it for the tenth time. This game will suck you into its world and sometimes you'll wish you could just enter, kick Cloud Strife out and be the hero youself and get to play the stroy, it is that good. This game inspired so many 3D RPGs after it and for me this is why it doesn't need a remake because it has left its mark and should be remembered as an epic game and I think it should just be left alone to enjoy its fame and glory it got 13 years ago, if a remake should be made with better graphics and a little tweaks then it won't be the same game anymore and since the story is already known some people may not even care about it anymore and may just think that I've seen this before and that is why it shouldn't have a remake because whe the gane came out everything about it was great especially the story and CG cutscenes but today it won't be seen as anything new in a remake. For me, in a word, this game is 'Revolutionary'.

Reviewer: spooky102
Score: 10/10