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User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PSP
This isn't a game but hey, gamespot is letting us review it so I decided to share my thoughts on how I felt about the movie and how it fit into the story and answer some questions or make some new ones. Ok this takes place a couple years after ff7 and cloud is still greiving the dfeath of his crush aeris and he is infected with a disease that is spreading quickly among the children and common folk of the ff7 world. You get to see some of the old members of ff7 in a fresh new look.Cloud ends yup saving the children and curing them with the help of aeris.Some of the characthers that return to the ff7 world is cloud, tifa, red 13, vincent, barret, and sephiroth, There are also some new people that they have included in this movcie.overall, this is a good movie based off of the best game that jhas ever been made in the history of huistory.