This movie fills in everything that should've been filled in at the end of Final Fantasy VII.

User Rating: 8.8 | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PSP
So, yes this isn't a video game. It's a movie, so for the gameplay score, switch that of how well I liked the movie, as in like how fun it was to watch, etc.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the sequel to the hit Playstation game from 1997. Instead of a game, Square-Enix made a movie. The movie takes place 2 years later than the original game and the story is about three rogues who are trying to find "mother." A.K.A. Jenova. Now I'm not goin got dig into spoilers but you'll see lots of familar faces. Mainly all of the main characters from the game have returned plus the three new bad guys, there leader is "Kadaj." Also, a sickness called the "Geostigma" is spreading around Midgar and plenty of kids are getting it. Cloud is basically trying to stop Geostigma and cure the kids who have it, and bring an end to Kadaj and his gang.

This was a great movie, one of the best so far this year. The beginning kind of started off a bit boring but halfway into the movie and from then on it really picks up it's pace with a lot more action. There are also a few laughs in this movie even though it's not really meant to be a comedy, they did put a few funny parts in.

The screenplay is great and it just looks phenomenal. Remember the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? It had nothing to do with the series? The graphics are like that only the characters look a touch closer to realism and the world is much more lush and detailed.

The music is also amazing. There were some scenes that had great music and I'd watch them over and over just to hear the music. At first I thought thismovie was going ot all be in Japanese but with American subtitles. However, the American version does have American voices for each character and they sound excellent.

I've watching this movie twice in two days and I may watch it again tommorrow so it's been lasting. I suggest you buy this movie, if you're a fan of Final Fantasy VII then you'll really like it.