A Very Very Good RPG

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
This is the kind of game that really immerses you in a world of chaos, war, vengeance, bloodlust, and sadness.
The storyline is top-notch and original. The first chapter explains the origins of the main character Ramza Beoulve and his friend Delita Heiral. This is a time when the crown of Ivalice is weakened by a great war and thieves and rogues roam the land for survival. Nobles of the country are more or less unaffected but the poor suffer and really resort to taking up the cloak and dagger. Ramza and Delita join a top-notch academy to defend the country. Because its the Medieval period of Ivalice, this will be reflected upon dialogue in the story. Chapters 2-4 explain the Lion War and all its treacherys. Power is what the war is about, because the king is dead there is no monarchy to guide Ivalice. Disputes lead to the war in which one sides crest is a white lion, the others black. What isnt really overly pointed out in the storyline is the tale of "The Zodiac Braves". pay attention to this.
I rated the difficulty as hard because you do have to play really hard to win some certain battles. Training plays an important part because by training your characters will gain new classes and abilities.
Sound quality can get old after a while, but hardcore fans should love the music. Actually, this game has a very good musical score, the musics epic and engaging, and usually fits the scenario.
The graphics are also really good, special attacks are really detailed and seem real enough.
Another good aspect of the game is the multiplayer. Its only local though, and only two people can play with each other. In multiplayer you can either do Co-op missions or fight each other. Depending on your level, you can get some really good and "cheap" stuff. The Co-op missions are separate from the main storyline but it does borrow some friends and foes from the storyline you can fight.
Tactics probably is one of the best RPG's ever made and despite its sometimes difficult moments, it is a very very fun game. I highly encourage anyome even remotely interested in RPG's to play this game. And another thing, since time has passed this games only $20 now. Get out there and buy it! Your getting a good quality game at a low price, trust me.