Great time-waster with a ton of replay value

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
For a hand held console in which most games keep one's attention for all of 2-3 hours, Final Fantasy Tactics shines. Honestly the games pretty easy and will only get the attention of the RPG playing crowd, but if you fit that description, then you found a game that can last you easily over 40 hours of game play. This game is a great catch to be able to play, put down, walk away from, and come right back to play more. The game lacks a quality story and the songs can get on your nerves after several hours, but there's a volume on the console for a reason, and luckily the scarcity of talking within the game saves the poor dialogue. I would recommend this game for any RPG fans that want a game to spend some time on. When on a painful car ride, in a never-ending waiting room, or just bored at home, this game doesnt fail.