most addicting combat EVER

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
ok, i played this at a friends house, one night. and how addicting is this, i never played the orignal tactics or final fantasy, at first i thought this sucks as the opening cut scence just goes on and on and on. then you battle and i was thinking this sucks. as your two people, a guy named by you and a animal named monta-blanc or something and your rubbish little fighter but your army builds up and you become really strong, so there are cyristals in the game and your guy, who i named ricky needs to fight like a boss to destroy them and needs to destroy them to get home as in a dream he went into the world of final fantasy, with his friends who you dont meet much in the game, but there charaters. so you go around doing missions leveling up, its hard to rember how you progress sometimes, but the addictive combat rocks!, its turn based, you choose where your guy goes and can only go a limted ammont of squares away, if the enemy(s) are next to you you attack or in range for archers and mages. its addictive and when i brought FF3 i was hoping for this combat. i was disserpointed. buy this.
hopefully the DS sequal coming soon will be as great, as ill buy it


9.7 / 10