Game is Good But Laws System Ruins the Whole Experience

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA

I had to restart the games at least a dozen of times because of the laws system, losing many hours of gameplay. It is really easy to break a law, and the game penalizes with permanent stat decreases if you violate the laws. You will end up restarting the game many time. Moreover, there are some silly laws and you have to be completely aware so you don't break them.

Apart from that, the game is ok. The story a bit silly but in the end everything clicks well. Graphics may be the best the system has to offer, and it is outstanding how they managed to put this massive game in that small cartridge. Game story takes at least 35 hous and if you are completionist, it will take like 50 hours.

There are so much better options to play right now (FFT War of Lions, Jeanne D' Arc, Tactics Ogre,Triangle Strategy, etc). If you haven't played it yet, let it pass.