The most overrated Final Fantasy ever.

User Rating: 6 | Final Fantasy IX PS
FF9 is the most overrated Final Fantasy ever. here's why:

- boring and cliche story. this game storyline bored me to death, it's like a generic bed time story.

- boring world theme. look like a Disney cartoon world.

- boring theme songs except Melodies of Life Japanese version.

- boring/generic/dumb/irrelevant characters except Garnet. I just don't want to use Vivi, Steiner, Quina, Freya and because of that, I don't even have 4 favorite characters to use.

- boring gameplay, learning abilities from equipment is not original, nothing new.

- super slow pace battle. take 10 seconds to begin a battle.

- backward graphics. FF8 is the first jRPG that featured full-scaled character models, FF9 just stepped backward.

I don't understand why people love this game so much, it's not even a good game. just an ok game at best.

if you want to play a classic Final Fantasy, I recommend you to play Final Fantasy V instead of this game.