User Rating: 9.2 | Final Fantasy IX PS
I will now go back 2 years and review this game for what it was back then. Gameplay: The battle sytem in FF9 is great, not the best FF battle system I have seen but better then FF8:s were. Many magics, skills and abilities that you will get much use of. But it is not a very different system, I mean allmost everything has been done before, you could say that FF9:s battle system is a great mix from many good rpg:s in the past and you will enjoy playing it for many battles ahead. The fun factor is very high, as it is in most FF games. The fun factor is allmost as high as in FF7 (allmost). Graphics: WOW, where should I begin. I didn`t thought a game to Playstation could have better graphics than FF8 had, but i guess I was wrong. I think FF9 is the most beauteful game on the Playstation so far. The game has very good character design such as Amarant who is my favourite, and the other are very well made too. The enviorments are spectacular, big cities such as lindblum with many people to talk to (to many sometimes). The camera angels are good as they always is in FF games. The battle design is also as good as everything else. I almost forgot the FMV:s, they are really something to look at (not as cool as FF7 thought). Sound: Good sound effects here and the music is as good as it is in most FF game (FF6 & FF7 has the best music). There are many songs that you will remember and just wait untill you come to the second last boss battle, you will be stunned when you here that song. I am shore that Nobou Umetsu is proud of his work here. Value: FF9 deserves a 9 in value because the game is long, about 50 hours gameplay, It has a lot of sidequests and minigames such as finding treasures with the different chocobos. The only thing that stoping me from giving it a ten is the card playing mini game that is just a boring clone of the very funny FF8 card game, and the replay value is pretty low to (not as low as FF8 thought). But other than that it is a lot to do here. Tilt: The story in FF9 is very good (FF standard you can say), but the orginality is low. But it deserves a 9 anyway because FF9 is one of the best RPG:s ever and it is a nice comeback for Sakaguchi after the little dissapointed FF8. Last comment: I am sorry for any wrong spelling I may have caused.