A revolution in console RPG's. Still holds up surprisingly well.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy IV SNES
Final Fantasy IV was truly a landmark in RPG gaming. The gameplay elements of FF4 would be carried over to numerous sequels and be used (ripped off) by countless other RPG's. And after finishing it for the first time the other day, i felt compelled to write about this title. i find it amazing that in this 'modern warfare' age of gaming, i can sit down and be so interested in investing the 20-25 hours this game requires, and come out the other side feeling very impressed. as the game reaches almost 20 years of age, its time to appreciate the quality of a revolutionary game.

The first thing that hits you is Uematsu's score, and my word, if there was a better musical score in a game before FF4, id be amazed, and in fact it would still rank as some of the most amazing music in all of gaming history. The graphics are still very impressive for the 16 bit era, as weve come to expect from square, who always push the visual boundaries of gaming.

Gameplay elements such as the magic system, summons, dragoons jumping, the active time battle system etc etc.....all these have been carried over into modern RPG gaming, and the reason is cos it works so damn well! The story is epic too, and really showed how square wanted to push the envelope of what games could accomplish; this was no simple dungeon crawl to kill to kill an evil wizard to save the world, no. this was a story of love, betrayal, courage, sacrifice. players were transported to underground caverns, mountains, and even to the moon itself!

FF4 is an amazing game that still holds up so well after nearly 20 years.....it remains to be seen if the "Call of Duties" of modern gaming will be able to do the same???