Don't pass up this amazing experience, it IS worth your money!

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time DS
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (EOT for short) is available for both DS and Wii but your better off with the DS version. It is an amazing experience that you SHOULD NOT pass up. I'm going to put segments of this review into categories to make things easier

Story: You start off making a character and have your coming-of-age ceremony. Then a kid and your village comes down with crystal sickness from radiation etc... The story on the game isn't exactly compelling (that is unless you are into fantasy stories) but it is full of twists and has it's exciting moments and a great concept of past and present time. 7.5

Gameplay: Ah, this game really has gameplay you can sink your teeth into. This game at its core is an RPG with action, platforming and puzzle solving. You'll spend most of your time either in the "dungeons" fighting monsters and solving puzzle or working on your equipment. The game is in FULL 3D and is NOT turn-based. Armor and weapons can be mixed and matched and have their own models so you can make your character look unique. You can also level up your equipment and turn them into jewels to insert in new equipment. (mind you this is all in a nutshelll). Jumping is all about timing an understanding the dimensions. With a hard mode, a plethora of quests and plenty of weapons and armor, the replay value is phenomenal! 8.5

Graphics: This game features some of the best graphics for the DS. Environments critters and bosses and colorful and varied. Character models run smoothly 9.0 (for DS)

Sound: The voice acting is clear...just about everything is crystal clear (No PUN intended). Upbeat and varied music, i actually play this game with the volume on! 8.5

Multiplayer: Yes i gave multiplayer it's own category-because its AWESOME. You can play co-op or competitively with up to 3 other players doing quests or the main story. You can chose from around 40 specific set phrases in a fine-tuned communication system, or if you're playing with friends you can make your own phrases and use the keyboard. You can even send friend invites to the random people you play with!!! I hope you get a good connection because you don't want to miss out on this brilliant new feature!

This game is worth your money so do yourself a favor and buy it (for DS preferably). I haven't enjoyed a DS game this much in a long time

Overall 9.0