Great idea, bad execution....

User Rating: 5.2 | 3D Kakutou Tsukuru 2 PS2
Fighter Maker 2 had great potential, but sadly Enterbrain just didn't deliver.
It's almost to the point to where the developer was asleep at the wheel with this.
Luckly I got this game in the bargin-bin for about $5.00 and even still, I feel disappointed.
This game should be bronzed in the offices of Agetec as a constant reminder of how a game would turn out if you put in a half..... effort.
The designing aspect of this game is very limited, but that's understandable.
But did they really have to make the interface so damn confusing and frustrating?
The only reason why I'm giving this game a 5.2 is because for a design enthusist, this is ok to kill a little time with (HENCE THE WORD LITTLE)
But actually enjoying for a long period of time seems to be impossible....