This is probably the best soccer game ever. Despite graphics suck, its 2002, what did you expected?

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA Football 2002 PC
This is probably the best game ever.Why? Because its not the hardest game ever, but lets face it, its not easy either. Ive seen a lot of soccer games, some realistic (Normal, like this one), or pretty fantastic, (Sega soccer slam), and this, till 2009, is the best Fifa game.(Fifa 10 is better than any other). Yes, its better than all fifa (probably the only one that's good), probably the Winning eleven and Pes franchise is better, but I dont care! we are comparing fifas not Pes! And you people may ask, And why the graphics suck? simply, its 2002! the games were just beginning!, As a conclusion, this game its full of fun, specially in world cup qualifying mode. What else can I say? this game is perfect, this game is beautiful, this game its just... a Masterpiece.(soccer fan not disappointed)