Lacking compared to Xbox360 and PS3, but still a good option for Wii owners.

User Rating: 8 | FIFA 12 WII

Virtually every year, the Wii gets a stripped down version of any sports game. Whether it's NFL, FIFA, SVR, you name it. This version is no exception, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it.

The game mainly revolves around your premade city. You complete achievements in certain match types to earn population for your city. Earning enough will make you level up, unlocking new buildings and monuments. Although they look cool, they're pretty much useless. There are 6 game modes: Be a manager, Hit the pitch, Hit the streets, Intercity cup, Streets to stadiums and Tournament mode. Since there are only 6 modes, I'll go over each one.

Be a manager is a simple managing sim. You pick a team in any of the available leagues and divisions (since it's the Wii version, some leagues are missing) and work your way to the top, unless you're already in the top league. In that case, your job is to win that league but also manage to avoid relegation. It's quite in-depth for the Wii and is very satisfying to use. You can upgrade training facilities, train players, treat injured players, and choose sponsors for your club. You can even give out local newspapers as well as international papers which increase the popularity of the club, thus increasing the money you get from winning. You could be a playing manager that plays on field, you can change or customize your own tactics and even buy/sell players from the surprisingly huge transfer window. There is so much to do in Be a manager, and it's well worth playing.

Hit the pitch is basically an exhibition match. You choose your club and your opponents, select what pitch you want and manage your team. Hit the streets is exactly the same, except you play a 5 a-side game in a smaller venue. Intercity cup is where your city team competes in a tournament with other cities. There are 2 halves of the tournament, the first is a 5-aside tournament while the second is a full scale match. It's fun, but not that long.

Here's the main mode of the game, and that is Streets to stadiums. Also known as career mode. You customize your player and you are randomly chosen to play for a small time 5-aside team. Your goal is to try and win the 'Super street cup' (this is not a scripted objective, so you can go through the 5-aside portion of the career without winning the cup). While playing, you can choose from three 'fame' moments. These are things like 'score 3 goals' or 'assist 2 goals' and what not. Completing these will earn you fame which allows you to rank up and unlock special bonuses that will help you through out your career. There is also XP which can be used to fine-tune your abilities, cards which will alter how you and your opponents play (for example, you can be on top form for the whole game, or every shot you take will almost always go in), and card combos which can create a rare card if you combine the right ones together. You don't have to use these over the top features, but they are fun to use. While progressing through, you can submit a team offer, which gives you a chance to play for a team that you want. They don't always accept the offers, so be careful. You can even play for your national team (the country that you picked for your player). Tournament mode is where you select a cup or league you want to compete in, pick a team then try and win that certain championship. Nothing incredibly complex or anything, just basic fun.

The Wii version of FIFA 12 is, while lacking some key features, is a worthy title. You get 6 very fun game modes plus tight controls, decent enough graphics and entertaining multiplayer. Small issues include woeful commentary, the occasional AI problems and the game can become either too easy or too hard depending what setting you're on. Overall though, it is worth your time and your money.