Revolutionary Game, has finally reached EA's peak.

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA Soccer 08 PS2
FIFA 08 is the ultamite soccer game since video games were created. There are so many teams to choose from, the graphics are great, the trick-stick has been improved heeps, and best of all, the Australian Hyundai A-League has been added to the game.
With MUCH more realism than any other soccer game, 15 more leagues, and real-looking characters, FIFA 08 is the chart-topping game for 08.
Beleive it or not, the trick stick allows a much more team work approach to the game as it is virtually impossible to take on the whole field, there MUST be teamwork involved. With similiar tricks to 07, 08 is improved with its game control. FIFA 08 has a larger range of real-life tournaments and clubs, and has a more manual approach to the game. Control your through balls, long balls, crosses, player-controlling, and now you can act as the keeper!
The most popular new game mode is "Be A Pro Mode". It is a mode where you play a whole league as 1 player, whether its you, or your fave player. Increase your stats to become the next Pele`, and complete match tasks to become famous and skilled.
FIFA 08 is definitely worth getting if you have any other soccer game, even Winning Eleven: 2007, which is known to be the better football game. ****
Fifa 08 is a much more realistic game, is brings the entire world of football into your own little boxset.
FIFA 08 can be improved a whole lot though, and it's only awsome on XBOX 360 and PS3, but it's virtually the same old 2007 version on PSP, PS2, XBOX, and other older platforms. There is much more work put into the game, although excitement isn't a real-big factor in the 2008 version, with the crowd less intensing and screaming, and the commentators barely raises their voices, even when in 1 on 1 situations.
FIFA 08 hasn't been a large leap from 07, though it's worth buying if you have money in your pocket. It isn't really a money you should save up for.
FIFA still has a lot of improvement, and has a whole lot of potential. Keep checking out for updates for the game, I know I will!