9.8/10 the funnest multiplayer ever?

User Rating: 10 | Fat Princess PS3
well i am now reviewing probably my favorite multiplayer ever next to modern warfare 1. when this game was being advertised, of course i was going to think it was horrible. it was kiddy looking graphics and all i got from the trailer was you were this little midget warrior who grabs a fat princess. this game is way more than that. every single move you make in this game is strategic. you may think that the classes you choose are just for killing, but if you use them to your advantage they become strategic. for example with the ice mage just freeze your enemy before you grab their princess. when this game first started there were only a few maps, but now after a year and a half of being released, they have released 4 new maps for FREE. there is a dlc that lets you have three new classes, the giant, ninja, and pirate. i dont have that much fun with the ninja, although if you want to get through castle doors, USE IT. but i love the giant and pirate, especially the pirates cannon, plus this DLC is only 5 bucks so whats the harm. ulimately fat princess is an intensely surprisingly fun multiplayer only game that will keep you playing even after you fully level up to the rank of king. and also if you want some guilty pleasure, you can sabotage your time if your in a mayhem mood, its fun trust me:) but DONT DO IT!! its wrong:)