A great, challenging game that is simple, realistic and the multi player is competitive, simply a delight

User Rating: 9.5 | Far Cry PC
I had bought this in the "ubisoft classics collection" and it was FANTASTIC!!! Far cry delivers a brilliant experience of combat, action and realism. The AI can be a bit glitchy but who cares? The graphics are quite decent, it's no Crysis but still impressive and I can completely max it out. I used an iron sights mod so instead of zooming in it uses the sites. Download here:


You need 1.4 patch on game

Anyway The multiplayer gameplay is like battlefield. Brilliant and competitive. The only bad thing is I am too much of a noob.

This is a must have shooter that delivers the experience which modern games lack. All first person shooters are mostly war shooters to attempt to attract the CoDish crowd, and I am sick of it. I prefer unique FPS like borderlands crysis (1 not 2) far cry etc. Crytek you continue to impress me (besides crysis 2)