Ubisoft has not let me done guys, this is a fabulous game.

User Rating: 9.6 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
I really thought that this was a great game. I think it is up there with theHalo series as well as graphics are concerned. It also had the spice of reality based human reaction, Die Hard or Rambo kind of stuff.
The story mode was absolutely fantastic as well, I don't like games that have a weak single player story line but be great online. I believe that to be cheap and only accomondate those with the XBOX live service, for the developers out there that do this you know who you are. The one critique I have of the game is the vehicle driving. It could be better, but I am nit picking.
Other than that, I enjoyed this game, which I would highly recommend to others to play. If you are looking for a really good first person shooter then this is it. I am only unhappy that there is not a Play Station 2 version.