FarCry is a driving game?

User Rating: 4 | Far Cry 2 PC
First Hour impressions:
WOW! Look at these pretty graphics.
WOW! Look at this, it is open-ended instead of a rail shooter, this should be really cool!
WOW! I can upgrade my weapons. This is really going to be some cool stuff! I am going to play this game for a LONG time!
Second Hour:
WOW! You can drive cars and boats!
WOW! This Island is really big! I'm glad I have a car!
WOW! I found some more diamonds and bought upgrades.
WOW! EVERYONE is my enemy that I see out on the roads!
WOW! They sure drive fast and catch up quick!

Third Hour:
Got another mission!
WOW! It is on the other side of the map.
WOW! That's a LOT of driving to get their.
WOW! This map feature is really neat!

Fourth Hour:
WOW! EVERY mission takes you to the opposite side of the map that you are on!
WOW! I spend almost all my time driving! The only time I actually have to leave the vehicle is to get a diamond or a mission!

Fifth Hour:
WOW! My eight year old nephew will probably like this game!
WOW! The AI is pretty much not there!
WOW! This is more GTA in slow vehicles on dirt roads than FarCry!
WOW! What happened to the AI from FarCry?
Forget the jungles and the nifty "I can light a fire" stuff. I don't need strategy! There is no need to since I can drive into a village with bad guys and pretty much kill them all without breaking a sweat. No worries about them flanking me since they won't. No worries about them avoiding my bullets since they will just stand right there be good bullet sponges!
And the AI is just plain stupid when driving too.
Here is their apparent driving programming.
They see you.
They come barreling right at you.
You shoot them.
They die.
Even when a driver has no mounted gun on the vehicle he pulls right up to you and you machine gun him down.

I have played Multiplayer for a few minutes and it was mediocre.

I REALLY wanted to love this game.
Great concept.
Badly executed.

WOW! This game is a FAR CRY from FarCry.
WOW! I miss FarCry. I think I'll load it up and play it again. I bet it runs like a dream on a Core Duo Processor!

Recommendation: Buy FarCry for $9.99 and play it if you never have. But play FarCry 2 first so that when you play FarCry you can act like IT is the next and better version!