The worst game I have played, if you want a better game type free online games into a search engine

User Rating: 2 | FantaVision PS2
The good
it has a replay mode, I got my copy for 98p, 2 player mode

The Bad
playtime for most people will be under 5 minutes, no storyline or anything to make playing worthwhile

A game about waving you left analog stick around to collect fireworks and that is it nothing more than that. Anything good about the game is canceled out by how rubbish it is do you want an arcade game... much better games are now free, 2player mode is good to show your friends how rubbish it is and replay well it doesn't look that good anyway, and I doubt many people will play long enough to complete the first level.

It is hard to add much more to this review because thats all it is there is, a few items but nothing else. If you want a cheap thrill only get it if you like arcade games and then if your still buying ps2 games get a better game pre-owned for a bit more money.