Part one out of two: The reasons why you're wrong!

User Rating: 9 | Fallout: New Vegas PC
I loved Fallout 3. I consider it to the best RPG on the Xbox, bar none. I bought all the DLC, and loved every minute of it, yes, even The Pitt. So, it comes to no surprise to you when I say I pre-ordered New Vegas in the hopes of once again returning to the post-apocolyptic wasteland.

I was dissapointed.

Not in the game, no way. No, in fact I was dissapointed in the reviews that it has received thus far. It seems like more and more people seem to think that this game is utter garbage and dosen't even deserve to be on the shelves, let alone bare the name Fallout.

From what I can gather peoples complaints seem to be in 3 major areas: the game's many many glitches and bugs, and also the fact that the game is just basically Fallout 3 with a shiny new cover.

As for the bugs, yes there are many, and I have come across quite a few of them, however, not a single one of these bugs has detracted from my enjoyment of the game. That is the thing people don't seem to realize. They see a good number of bugs, and without even thinking, declare that the game is horrible, and the developers should be tarred, feathered, and then hung, for releasing a game that "wasn't finished." This is not a case of a game not being finished, this is a case of a game being finished, but not play tested.

The game is by no means broken. I have not come across a single bug that has kept me from progressing to an area, or completing a quest. I haven't found a bug that keeps me from using significant items like the pipboy, and I haven't discovered a bug that keeps me from talking to people. The game is not broken. A game that is broken CANNOT be beaten, this game CAN be beaten.

The other major issue people have with FNV, is the fact that it is exactly like Fallout 3.

I'm sorry, maybe I missed a memo, or I live in a different universe or something, but, THAT WAS THE POINT! I apologize for the use of caps lock, but I need to get this idea across. New Vegas is supposed to be just like 3. Nobody complained when Megaman 2 came out, and it was the same as Megaman1. Nobody complained when Fallout 2 came out and it was exactly the same as Fallout 1(although I complained about 2 for different reasons). Nobody complained when Halo 2 came out and it was exactly the same as Halo 1. Nobody complained when Elder Scrolls IV came out and it was the same as Elder Scrolls III. And nobody complained when Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out and it was the same as Super Mario Galaxy 1.

You can't say this game is crap for that reason, without saying all those other games are crap as well.

Now I realize I said very little about the actual game itself. What the game play is like, what is different between this game and Fallout 3, and what the overall story is like. Well I will get those, but you'll have to wait, for part two.