Fallout Fell Flat

User Rating: 4 | Fallout 4 XONE

Alright. To be on the fair side of things, let's start with the plus side of Fallout! The combat! Oh, goodness, that combat system! The first time I squared off with fiends actually using tactics was awe-inducing. That paired with the gunplay that changed VATs from a necessity to a tool was just a pleasure in the introductory hours of the game. And as I looked upon the beautifully enhanced wreckage of Fallout... I saw it.

Everything about Fallout is more or less a gimmick. The voice acting of the main character was terrible. To the point that I remembered ye old Final Fantasy games and found myself wishing I was playing those (or New Vegas) instead. There is no real karmic system, but yet again, Bethesda wanted to hinge your personal quest on the blood of family... so doing really anything but the main storyline makes you feel like you aren't "properly" playing the game. The enemies (deathclaws, super mutants, etc.) seem bland. Like Bethesda was going for the grindfest that was Diablo 3's retinue of enemies and decided completely against the idea of giving your enemies their own purpose. Oh, except for the few times you find a few notes around the world about why they were there.

But the blandness doesn't stop there! Characters you meet in the game seem to be made of cardboard. That is, that once you talk to them once, you realize that they only exist to point out that once upon a time, a game called baseball was played in Boston and it was most likely not meant as a murder-game. And please don't hope that your companions will have any sort of depth. You like quests involving a lot of back story? Yeah! Not in this Fallout. I shoulda suspected something when I didn't hear Perlman go "war never changes."

Oh, but war did change... in the most boring and mundane way. On my third day with the game, seeing all there was in the wasteland, I realized that there was nothing left for me to do. Remember wondering what it would be like if you ever completed all of Skyrim's quests? Well, congratulations! Fallout 4 gives you that opportunity! And you know what it feels like? Sixty dollars wasted.