This Game Started the Drop in RPG Quality (Fallout 76 & Andromeda after this)

User Rating: 4 | Fallout 4 XONE

Here were my problems with this sequel

-the end had absolutely no customized outcome based on what you did which was ridiculous, all previous Fallout games did this, made the entire experience feel pointless

-enemies felt super repetitive, your fighting either a mutant, ghoul or raider 99% of the time

-major bugs with the ending quests that are game breaking unless you find workaround, I dont know why the most recent Fallout games keep having this issue

-while the graphics are a little better compared to Fallout 3, the game looks super dated even in the Xbox One X enhanced version, they keep reusing the same graphics engine that feels like previous gen

-AI was infuriating, companions walking and standing in your way all the time

-there's just no memorable experiences in this game like in Fallout 3, the random encounters are the best part but the main story line is just not as good as its predecessors

-VATS feels more like a gimmick now, in Fallout 3 it was cool but now its just tedious. I still think VATS was better in the original Fallout 1-2 games in a turn based combat kind of way

-the pitboy's interface is also frustrating to use. Again it looked cool in Fallout 3 but it just feels like in this game they didn't do anything to improve the interface

-the idea of factions fighting each other is interesting, but you never really feel a strong tie to any of them and the fights they break out into are just jumbled up messes to watch

-the conversation styles are just off, I much prefer Bioware's in the form of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. the conversation interface here just feels stiff with the camera and horrible facial animation and limited dialogue menus

-managing your companions is a pain in the ass, again it easier in Bioware games

-the landscape are great in terms of graphic detail, but the artwork is again super repetitive, everything looks the same and gets boring and depressing after a while

-i preferred Fallout 3's leveling up system more, here putting points in a perk vs core abilities is spent the same way, just didn't feel right

-it would have been more interesting if you got to actually run one of the factions like Elder Scrolls games, here you never really get a chance to which makes the stakes seems small