I have seen the light...it lead to Fallout 3!

User Rating: 9.5 | Fallout 3 X360
I'll have to admit, before Tuesday I was a Fallout virgin. In the days of its prime on the PC I was more interested in Warcraft II, and the wonderful fair on the original Playstation. Now that I've played this new installment I feel as if I wasted all of that time on Warcraft for no good reason!

Bethesda will go down in history for all fans of video gaming. They released a game that even without its illustrious reputation easily deserves a 9-10 score, and even more so since it did in fact live up to the die hard fans expectations.

The sprawling and hauntingly beautiful terrain causes the deepest parts of you to ignite with passion, and you truly will feel what post apocalyptic Earth would be like. It's Beautiful.

For those of you wondering I didn't just give it a perfect 10, it is purely a matter of opinion, and I personally would have enjoyed it more if it were closer to the FPS genre. That being said, this game isn't an FPS, and I have to recognize its brilliance regardless. If you haven't played this game yet...if you haven't heard of it yet...get out from under your rock, and get to the nearest store, and buy this. You will pray to the dark gods of the chaos realms to let this game continue forever and ever.

^^ Cheers.