A very underrated game. The graphics are nice, the controls are solid, characters are memorable, and it's damn fun!

User Rating: 8.5 | FaceBreaker X360
One thing I have to note though, is that you're not going to have a good time if you suck at it. But the controls are very simple so you'll probably learn how to play in a couple matches.

They should make a comeback with this game. It's fun! It's like an accelerated cartoon version of fight night CHAMPION. And I'm not the only one to think that this game is pretty good. A good amount of the people i played with in this game thought that this was straight up one of the funnest fighting games they played, especially since they learned how to play in 2 minutes.

Shitty AI though. I think the computer's AI was the downfall for this game. They know your every move! But the only difficulty that's not broken is medium. Even then though the computers are still pretty hard but beatable.