Great Game, lots of stuff to do

User Rating: 8 | Fable II X360
You can choose if you play as a male or female.The game has a good morality system of good/evil and if you're pure or corrupt, in which both can affect both you and your dog's appearance. You can get married multiple times and have a lot of children. There's a good sized open world map with lots of stuff to find. There are a decent variety of jobs, from blacksmithing to bar tending and bounty hunter to assassin. There's a lot of weapons and good variety, depending on what you like. You don't need arrows/bullets for the ranged weapons or mana/sp for magic so that's one less thing to worry about. You can buy pretty much every house/shop/stall in the game and you get income from that every 5 minutes, and you can choose how high or low the rent is for houses, and the prices for stores/stalls and depending if you raise or lower the prices makes you either pure or corrupt. Good storyline and has a glowing trail to lead you to the location for your quests.