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User Rating: 8.1 | F-1 World Grand Prix N64
This is a surprisingly good formula 1 game. You compete in the 1997 season. It has all the topracers from that season like Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, Jean Alesi and Jos Verstappen. The only driver not in the game is Jacques Vileneuve because he was so arrogant to sign a contract with another company for his personal racing game, that never came out.
You can enter his name manually ofcourse. The circuits of the '97 season are also great. You got all these classic circuits like Canada, Monaco, Argentina, Brasil, Suzuka, Imola, Hockenheim (before they ruined it) and Spa. The graphics are most impressive for the nintendo 64. It's not blurry, there is almost no pop-up and there is no fog. It s better then the EA f-1 games. The sound is also great, the engines sound perfect and you get instructions from the pitlane which sounds quite authentic. The computer AI is very basic though. They don't do any surprising things and they stick together. Being a nintendo 64 game, you cannot link it to another computer (this was a real shame with the nintendo 64) or play it online. There is a 2-player split screen mode, but then the graphics don't hold up and there are only 2 cars on the track, so this does not work.
After you have become world champion, the game is not very interesting.