It might be one of the most disappointing ports but FEAR is still FEAR!

User Rating: 7.5 | F.E.A.R. PS3
The good:
Great atmosphere;
Sounds perfectly;
One of the best enemy AI in a game;
Unique jump-of-your seat moments;
Amazing combination between action and horror.
Good story with a twist at the end.

The bad:
The graphics are bad for a game like this;
It's worst than the PC and XBOX versions;
The enemies look almost the same.


The original FEAR for PC was one of the best shooters of the new era. In this PS3 port FEAR ends up to be disappointing but not totally. This is because FEAR is still FEAR.
Throughout the game you'll always be in permanent tension thanks to the catchy and perfect eerie music.
The atmosphere keeps rising until the ending levels. Another thing about FEAR is its combat. The enemy AI will give you fits aiming at an explosive barrel if your near one or moving from cover to cover to surprise you. The controls take a little to get used to but once your in the action they are easy to learn.
Although FEAR is mostly a game based on atmosphere, it doesn't mean it has no jump-of-your seat moments.
You'll experience gruesome visions that will explain you more of the story and scares with the little girl Alma that will make your blood pressure pump. For example, I had afraid of climbing or descending a ladder in the game until I finished it.
Another thing about FEAR is it's story. This game has almost no cutscenes but despite of that the story is good with a great twist. Until the very end you only know more of the story with the visions of your character and phone messages. I don't consider this bad because it builds the idea of the unknown.

There are some bad things about FEAR though. While it is still atmospheric, the game graphics cut the tension. The light and shadow effects might be insignificant but not in this kind of game. In fact they're frankly bad. You can clearly see this when you use the flashlight. The last generation graphics take some of the FEAR magic and make the PS3 port the worst of the three. Another thing are the repetitive enemies. From the beginning to the end you'll not find many differences in them and it that gives a little the sense of repetition.

In conclusion I think that everyone should consider this game and not believe in most of the reviews. It might be the worst port but if you put the graphics and some enemy repetition aside then you'll have a great game in your hands because this is still FEAR.