An unholy pact between several industries

User Rating: 6 | F.E.A.R. PC
"Why the headline?" you might ask; well it's because of this: F.E.A.R lets you collect 20 powerups for health plus an extra amount of there for your so-called reflexes.

These powerups got a nice, flashy look with long needles; the young unexperienced soul shall get trained that by fixing something into their veins, they actually can 'fix' problems. This is done in a way that you get these powerups in regular time distances, so your brain gets trained with a reward feeling - yet these are hidden so bad to make sure you get most if not all of them.

Combined with drum-and-bass music it shall prepare the youth for their new drug-career.

But one cannot really speak of music in this game; in general everythin that comes acoustically over my speakers sounds bad:
-no matter how far I'm from speaker or an answering machine, they basically always have the same loudness
-no matter how I turn around myself sound sources, the sound comes always from the same direction
-it even occurs that I hear an enemy breaking through the wall behind me but suddenly it is in front of me (?!?)
-the boots of the protagonist are as loud - if not even louder - than automatic shooting weapons (ridiculous!!)
-no soundtrack

The game is in general misleading with an evil kind of nature, the industry clearly having been bribed.

All magazines were accepting money from them - Warner Bros has it - plus the graphics card industry got what it was looking for: An bad programmed game that needs the latest supercard for all you got; programmed bad by intention - otherwise you wouldn't have, let's say, an ALIENWARE computer.

Oh yeah, that's right. They got lots and lots and lots and lots of ALIENWARE computers all over the place in the game; in general the game is a complete piece of trash without story, art or anything at all.

It comes from empty souls to keep souls empty.