Great Hybrid Mix!!!

User Rating: 8 | F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin PS3
When I played the original Fear I hardly ever played shooters, and i played it on the p.c. with a mouse and keyboard so it seems way easier. This game is a walk in the park as well, thanks to the slow mo that recharges.

The high point of this game is the death of enemies and how they go down. If you are a player that likes order like me you will have no problem there will be no getting lost and being fustrated. The saves system will have advancing and not having to do many parts over. A big plus that this game as is the ability to carry alot of weapons and plenty of ammo unlike (cough Killzone 2) . After defeating 20 or so shooters in the last 2 years the story didn't attract me much but they never do, but Shooter really never have compared to rpg stories. It is about the fun on your way and this game as plenty of different guy to kill, but the game as a whole is kinda creepy! I would equate this game to a Killzone with the ability to take good weapons with you and a slow-mo option, it doesn't look quite as good but they probably had smaller budget. Really this game should be played bye anyone whos looking for a shooter that you can complete over a dedicated weekend with no B.S. in the game and pretty cool enemies. Also novices should look to this game as any game with slow-mo kinda takes it easy on you. if you see this game at or below 30 do yourself and pic it up!