surreal journey to an dark and violent place

User Rating: 9 | E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy PC
there is something special about the world streum-on studios created here.

one of my favorite levels is the first one.New Eden.
the city of New Eden is dark and abandoned- you won´t find any civilians or beggars.there are empty cars in the streets - but you won´t see them driving around.
yet the atmosphere is extremely tense and adrenaline pumping.
the city is ruled by various factions, battling each other.snipers,deadly security systems and the weird "streumatic" monsters populate this nightmarish place.

after finishing the story-mission in new eden, the player can come back to the city any time and complete randomly generated side-quests.
each map that is unlocked during the main-quest is accessible via portals for side missions afterwards.

for me the main-story is quite difficult to follow,the translation is poor and the whole plot is obscure and weird.i ´m thinking "wtf is going on here??" quite often.

strangely enough i find myself deeply immersed when i´m is like an surreal journey to an dark and violent dreamworld.

there are hints of Bladerunner and Lovecraft in the ambient. a bit of Warhammer in the extremely cool character design and the story. but all together comes out as an very original game-world that seems to be alive.

and the game-play is solid and very complex.there is enough depth to keep you interested for long hours.
i played 20 hours and i still discover new stuff all the time.
now that the game received its first patch it shifted from awesome to epic.

an instant classic in my book.highly recommended.