Veteran gamers should not pass this one up.

User Rating: 9.3 | Evil Genius PC
I am bewildered as to why the gamespot reviewer gave this game such a low score. I consider myself a hardcore gamer and play a lot of games so I know when to appreciate a good quality game. This game has great style and a lot of substance. Lots of polish with the only drawback being some cheesy voiceovers (radio broadcasts). I swear some of the devs must have thought they could do some of the misc. voicework in this game and get away with it, well they were wrong. Luckily most of the main voicework is good. The graphics and especially the animation are top notch. But almost all I have said so far can be seen from the demo. Where the games shines is in detail and deep gameplay. I am impressed with how deep the game mechanics become as you play. It all boils down to how well your base is designed. If you really think out the design you will find the gameplay to reward you nicely. If you are sloppy with your base layout then the game makes you pay for it by laying on the heat so to speak. And I am not just talking about laying down traps either. Room locations are key for succesful gameplay. One thing that must be said, is some of the tongue and cheek humor is spot-on. One little detail that cracked me up and is really a small thing, is the background animation of the load/save. I won't spoil it, suffice to say it may tickle your funny bone. The game offers lots of gameplay primarily through researching new items as well as improvements. So far I have put in 20 plus hours and I am still engrossed with it. That means a lot to me. Most games get repetitive and boring after the 20 hour mark for me but not this one. A sign of a classic for my standards. If you are a fan of Dungeon Keeper and love the Austin powers movies then this is the game for you.