A decent expasion.......that almost noone visited.

User Rating: 7 | EverQuest: The Legacy of Ykesha PC
This was the smallest expansion released at the time, if you base size on the physical play area. It was also out of the way and not convenient to get to, with my person opinion being that it was on purpose to hid the fact it had almost no high end content.

Of course most high level people didn't really buy the expansion for the new zones they could explore. They bought it for the increased bank space, the trinket slot, and the ability to dye armor.

The zones are not to be overlooked however, they offer some great play areas for players starting at level 35. There are many unique items in this expansion plus some very interesting trinkets.

This expasion is worth checking out if you already own it, but most of the features are now included with the nwere expasions, eliminating the need to get this one.