There's still some fun to be had with Legacy of Ykesha

User Rating: 6.5 | EverQuest: The Legacy of Ykesha PC
Everquest is now turning with it's 5th expansion and Planes of power was a big disappointment and this one doesn't help that disappointment at all. It's easily the worst expansion so far and doesn't really bring anything new to the Everquest world.

Legacy of Ykesha does a few things and brings a few new ideas to Everquest. For starters, there's a new race, the Froglok, which now starts off in the Troll's home city. The troll has now been moved to the Dark elf city and they've both combined. The reason for this is because Grobb, which is the Troll's home city, is really more of a Froglok area and so they switched them out. The froglok race can't really do anything and they don't introduce any new class, so there's no reason to use them, trust me they don't have any real advantages, other than they can swim a bit better than the other races and they look somewhat cool.

Another addition is the brand new half a dozen zones which is in the Luclin continent, but you must enter a ship to get on it. It's actually pretty disappointing, since these zones doesn't offer anything new other than places to fight and even then it's not really needed.

A big addition is the use of lizards. These are the updates the horses and you can now ride lizards as well, which increase your mana a lot faster than before.

This is about all that has been added to this disappointing expansion. There's really no need to get it, no matter who you are and it isn't that big to warrant a purchase. The graphics haven't changed and neither has the sound which are both aging, which makes this easily the worst expansion made so far for Everquest.