In this expansion, as new content planetary interaction came and EvE-Gate came online. It was a great expansion.

User Rating: 9.5 | EVE Online: Tyrannis PC
As since CCP adds new free expansion twice a year, having to deal with new content and complicated game play is not something that is unfamiliar to players. Basically there is the EvE-Gate for managing social aspects of the game, mails and contacts (no live chat) or checking your skills and skill queues .. but CCP announced they will add aspects that will effect the game even further, like skill management and perhaps production management. But still unofficial rumors mostly. Planetary interaction is the addition of several new game play elements, and improvement of player market, there were some items which ever sold by the NPC at a static price. Now with the planetary interaction, players can build colonies, extractors and processors to get these resources them selves, after the expansion deployment, the NPC products were pulled from market to kickoff the player managed marketing of these resources. Its a relatively easy to use system that any pilot from any section of eve online can manage while they work on their regular game play.

In Tyrannis CCP also re-modeled the scorpion, a Caldari battleship that is also the hull for a T2 black-ops ship Widow, Long story short, it was a ugly looking ship that just got a lot better, we are expecting more of these re-modelling to be done on some of the ships. It has a great "Caldari Look" on it. :)

Overall it was a great expansion and opening up the planets is one of the first steps on moving towards the dust 514, which is a FPS for console that will bring mercenaries to New Eden for EvE players to hire to fight on planets (and perhaps even in station .... dont take my word for it :P).