Take your money elsewhere. I regret every penny spent on it.

User Rating: 1 | EVE Online: Kronos PC


- Great concept
- Dumb owning company
- All players on one server
- Interesting player behavior
- Extremely boring to play
- The worst customer support in the history of gaming
- due to RMT paranoia they mass-murder (mass-ban?) entire player guilds if they suspect just 1 person
- In other words, take your money elsewhere until the game is bought by a respectable company that knows how to make and MMO.


The concept of this game has/had the potential to be one of the top MMOs on the market. Unfortunately it is run by one of the dumbest companies on the planet.

Having hundreds of thousands of players on the same server and giving them the ability to influence the game world results in complex and intriguing behaviors in all aspects of the game. those often resemble real life in all aspects from geopolitics to economics and espionage.

All that, however, is offset by the incredibly horrid management from the owning company CCP in all aspects of the game, which has seen the number of subscribers in constant decline over the last few years and the majority of the respectable staff to depart to better companies.

This will be seen in the extremely boring game play where the majority of time is spent waiting for something to happen. the activities such as mining, grinding and hauling are not worthy of being called gameplay. small group PVP is the only exhilarating activity in the game but is so rare and hard to find.

Worst of all is their relation with the players. they have what is probably the worst customer service in the history of gaming. "our servers show nothing" and "there is nothing we can do" are what everyone gets 99% of the time no matter the issue.

What is the equivalent of mass-murder in the gaming world, mass - ban? they do that all the time. entire corporations are permanently banned based on schizophrenic suspicions of RMT. Not only they ban whoever they suspect, but they also ban every person who ever said hello to this person! that includes new players who joined the game just a few days ago, and people he didn't speak to in years.

I can testify my friend is that person, and I got banned without having any kind of monetary transactions with anyone in the corp, and that I know the guy IRL and has absolutely nothing to do with RMT. the amount over which he was suspected is also pathetically small, the equivalent of 100g in WoW.