A odd game that is cross between pokemon and a hint of tactical flare.

User Rating: 6.5 | Koukroseatro: Yuukyuu no Hitomi (Value 1500) PS
Eternal eyes is the story of Luke a boy with crimson eyes. He along with his sister Elena and two other characters find a treasure chest with jewels and two magical puppets. Through a series of akward events Luke uses the jewels on the magical puppets and they become a Powan and a Mooscue. Powan is floating sheep with a red face and Mooscue is a ball shaped rabbit/puppy creature. From there Luke and his puppets have to save the world from the evil Vorless a typical evil knight in black armour. In the game you play as Luke. Like most RPGs you can equip armour and weapons that you find in battle or buy from a shop. The magical puppet monsters are like pokemon but they don't have a lot style. They evolve with the use of colored jewels that are only found in battle. The evolutions don't flow or make sense most of time. Some monsters change color as a powered up version of themselves or something totaly different. Monsters evolve up to four types. The battle is turn based like final fantasy tactics its just lacking a ton of depth and fun.
Pros: Over 100+ monsters to collect though some are color clones. Story has some length to it.
Cons: Boring characters. Battles miss that epicness of other games. If Luke dies in battle its game over.
I do recommend this game for under five bucks. It can be fun at times but is missing true epicness.