Best RPG released by Crave so far…. because it's Sunsoft's RPG.

User Rating: 9.1 | Koukroseatro: Yuukyuu no Hitomi (Value 1500) PS
I picked up this game on a whim since it was only $1.99 and Crave games are pretty good so I figured this would be too, I wasn’t mistaken.

The in game graphics are 2D sprites on a 3D field which is something I personally enjoy. The cut-scene and menu graphics are Anime as are the backgrounds in the menus.

The sound in the game isn’t superb but it’s ok and gets the job done. The music is typical RPGish music and each town has its own theme, most dungeons have different themes and the effects are lackluster and not so varying.

The gameplay is turn based strategy and you chose your party, place them on a field, then take turns moving and attacking. The progression also requires you to move from zones by choosing them on a world map. I prefer actually moving on a world map instead of choosing a destination but it’s fine. The battles do tend to get a little repetitive and easy but again it’s fine. The leveling up is awkward. You need jewels to learn new attacks but EXP to level but they aren’t the same thing so you can’t always get what you want. You can create over 50 different party members (if you have the collect-'em-all patience) and you get a secret one when you beat the game the first time. The last thing to mention about the gameplay should be that saving can only be done in your house and inbetween dungeon levels and that there isn’t much use for any of the in-game shops since field pick-ups are usually better.

The story is a typical RPG story of love, loss and heroism. You are a young man who has a younger sister; both your parents have been dead for some time. Your quest takes place in a medieval-esque kingdom. Along the way, you find out lost truths, make enemies and make some new friends (most are magical puppets called “Pappetts”) in an attempt to save the world from an oncomming evil.

The replay value is semi-decent if you want to finish collecting all the magical puppets or play the game with the secret character, you can play the game the second time with your levels, members and items still intact.

Overall, this game is mainly for RPG fanatics but a few others should enjoy it. It was well worth the $1.99 I paid for it, hence the “Check your bargain bin”.

One final note, Thanks Sunsoft for letting Crave bring "Koukroseatro" (the original Japanese name) to the US and Canada!