"All i have to say is it's not an RPG!!!! it's a tactical game like suikoden tactics or la pucelle tactics"

User Rating: 6.3 | Koukroseatro: Yuukyuu no Hitomi (Value 1500) PS
Eternal eyes is about a boy named luke that goes on a journey to bring light back to the world that was taken away by the goddess of destruction.
In the game luke can turn dolls into monsters by throwing stones at them,if the monsters die he must throw a stone at it again, if he wants them to turn into a new monster he must throw a different type of stone at the monster that is undefeated.

I didn't get too far in this game so i don't know that much about it.The first time i played it i thought it was really fun, but i don't think that anymore,but i am not saying that it isn't fun, just not as fun as it was at first.The gameplay is good the graphics are okay, the sound is okay.

I have always thought of this game as a tactical game like "suikoden tactics" or "la pucelle tactics" i do not think this game is an rpg at all except for being able to walk around town.

If you like tactical games you might like eternal eyes, if you like this game you might like "suikoden tactics" and or "la pucelle tactics" you might even like them more.