The best football game of its era!

User Rating: 9.5 | ESPN NFL 2005 PS2
This game is very good for how old it is. The game is fun to play. Franchise mode is very fun, and just about every other mode is too. The rosters are old now, but you can create player to match rosters of today. The graphics of this game were way ahead of their time. The players in the game look alot like their real live counter parts. Of course this game is from 2004, so don't expect it to have graphics like an Xbox 360. Also the difficulty is just right. When you play on rookie, you blow opponents out, but when you put it on hard, it is alot harder.
Overall the game is very fun and worth your time. Of all the football games released during this era, this is the only one I still play. Mainly because it resembles a football game of today. The AI is amazing in this game. When you want to run the ball up the middle, you linemen will not hold you up unlike in the Madden games. Sometime passing the ball can be very hard if your quarterback is lowly rated, but it also depends on what receivers you have too.