Beat your meat to this EA!

User Rating: 10 | ESPN NFL 2005 PS2
This IS THE BEST FOOTBALL game ever made!!!! This game looks great, plays great and if your a franchise guy you will love that the Contracts are so real... you can talk people out of retirement too. Only thing bad ive found out is that i dont know if you can Franchise Tag players... but thats not too big a deal. This game is old but still the best game you can buy for football. It was a Steal at release date going for 20$. You cant find a Ps1 Madden thats 20$ which is funny. But all together this game is awsome you got all Reebok equipment with real gloves that teams wear, helmets... Stats that are real like Composure and Leadership. All together this is no doubt the best deal out there and if you are looking for a cheap and good football game... look no farther cuz this is the best game on the market even after all these years. The players move more realistic, they have smarts to stay inbounds alot of times. You can actually do Fade routes and stick passes in the red zone. The Gang tackles are amazeing which is a stand out feature in a 05 football game. Plus you can jump over the line which is a huge thing i think one of my favorite features in this game. But like i said if you want real and cheap football get this game it is "THE BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER MADE!".